Better quality for industrial applications


In more and more industries, machines, systems and products are manufactured from high grade materials. It simply pays off to rely on better quality in the long term.

In the fischer group this quality thinking has decades of tradition. Since 1974 we have been producing longitudinally welded tubing made of stainless steel. Over the years, more and more sophisticated materials such as titanium and nickel-based alloys have been added. From these we produce tubing of the highest strength, temperature and corrosion resistance.

fischer tubing also gives your application more safety, more stability and a longer life.

Where fischer quality is in demand
  • Construction and industrial plants
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Sanitary industry
  • Household appliance and electrical industry
  • Food industry
spiral tube dual wall round heat exchanger

Your contact person for Industry

Joe McLinden
Joe McLinden
Sales Manager
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